Hi, I’m Majella O’Mahony

ACC, Life- Coach & Founder of Well 2 Shine Women

Why work with me?

I am a professional accredited life-coach and I love the work I do. In fact, right now, I’m very close to living my dream life. But it wasn’t always like this for me.

As a former teacher and Senior Leader in Education, I was often frustrated at the lack of opportunity and support offered to women like me who wanted career progression, but felt unable to rise above a certain rank.

For many years I defined who I was by my job which seemed fitting as my work at that time was all consuming. School work took up all my time and left me with very little time and energy for my husband, my children, my family, my friends or a social life. My work-life balance was extremely poor.

Worst of all, I acted for years as if I had no choice in the matter. I allowed my self-esteem to take a hit. I was terrified of change and my confidence in my ability to create positive change that could better my situation had diminished.

If my story speaks to you, you are not alone.

I’ve been there and so have many of the women I’ve coached, who like me have been able to transform their lives for the better. I believe every human being has the propensity for new learning and change. You can fundamentally alter any aspect of your mindset, simply by becoming more self-aware, listening to your body as well as your mind and making a choice to change or embrace new ways of thinking.

How does Female Empowerment Coaching work?

I am an Empowerment Coach for women. This means I use a combination of heart-led coaching that involves listening to the messages our bodies are sending us and exploring our emotional cues together with transformational mindset coaching, which works on observing and changing thinking and shifting beliefs.

Many women are highly skilled at suppressing their true feelings, for all sorts of reasons, which is why traditional coaching that focuses on pure mindset only skims the surface for many women and won’t result in effective lasting change.

I have helped many women to succeed in their chosen career path, particularly women who wanted to move upwards in their career, or venture into new opportunities, but felt unable to do so before working with me.

My coaching works with both heart and head to empower you to develop an aspirational mindset to show up as your most confident self, smash intentional goals to reach your true potential. I feel truly fulfilled and blessed to be able to do the work I do everyday. I want to help you to live joyfully and achieve your major aspirations in life.

I was able to really learn about the person I am on a deep level

“Majella helped me to gain the confidence I needed to find a new job in education following a relocation to a new area. Her coaching made me think more positively about myself and focus on my strengths. She got me to think differently about myself; I was able to really learn about the person I am on a deep level and she brought out the true person I feel I am.”

Asami McNamara, Early Years Educator

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