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Does a lack of confidence hold you back?

In your personal life?
In your career?
In your business?
Are you in a CAREER or WORK CRISIS right now?

Do any of these sound familiar…

You wish you loved the work you do, instead of being in a job you have come to resent.

You don’t feel aligned to your work, it has no value, purpose or meaning for you anymore.

You feel frustrated that there is no time for yourself and the things you love doing.

You leave work each day with little or no energy for anything else in your life.

You are drained from dealing with difficult relationships and personalities at work.

You avoid new challenges because of fear rooted in lack of self-belief.

You have become indecisive and hesitant, decision making is painful because you doubt yourself so much.

You feel uninspired by your chosen career path and have limited experiences of joy at work.

You mask your true feelings, outwardly appearing confident, but inside you are unhappy and want things to change.

You want to find the courage to move away from commitments and ties that no longer serve you but you don’t know where to start.

You want to rise up the ranks and take the next step in your chosen career but can’t take the first steps because of your fear of failure and rejection.

You have experienced burnout and want to step away from unsustainable work related stress and you are ready to explore alternatives

You dream of starting a business and working for yourself but tell yourself it can’t be done, or you will fail.

You want to make a significant career change, but lack courage to take those first steps.

Hi, I’m Majella O’Mahony

ACC, Life Coach & Founder of Well 2 Shine Women

I am a Self-Belief and Empowerment Coach accredited with the ICF

I am a Self-Belief and Empowerment Coach accredited with the ICF. I created coaching programmes for specifically for women just like you that work to improve inner confidence on a deep level to support taking action to flourish in your chosen career.

Before this I was a Wellbeing Leader in Education. I’ve always been an enabler. All my working life I have built a career on helping others to reach their true potential.

I can help you to learn how to believe in yourself and your why in order to obtain what you truly desire. Working with me, you will have the opportunity to think and dream imaginatively about what is possible for you, without letting fear get in the way.

I founded Well 2 Shine Women to offer a range of effective transformational programmes for women that simply put, both ENABLE and EMPOWER. I want you to know your self-worth, really understand your potential and achieve those goals in life that are most important to you.

I can’t put a price on the results I’ve had!

“This was my first professional coaching and it was truly life changing. For the first time ever, I realised how much I had underestimated myself. Majella has helped me prioritise what I want and deal with limiting beliefs I have been carrying around all my life. I have a better understanding of myself and my confidence has grown. Coaching with Majella was a great investment; I can’t put a price on the results I’ve had!”

Vanessa Simpkins, Business Owner of V.S. Services

Well 2 Shine Women


I’ll support you to identify the barriers that are getting in the way of you realising your full potential and living with meaning and purpose.

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We will challenge old unhelpful narratives and you will gain new empowering beliefs. With strong self-belief you can positively take the action you need to achieve your goals and realise your deeply held true aspirations for the future.

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I’ll work with you to achieve the success you want, living your most authentic, true and fulfilling life.

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I have changed my perspective on life

“Majella has a way of enabling you to discuss barriers or challenges without judgement. Her coaching has enabled me to change my beliefs and grasp opportunities that I would have previously dismissed. I’ve been able to tackle barriers that were preventing me from moving forward. As a result of the coaching I have now started a new work role and also negotiated the terms and conditions.

Coaching with Majella has helped me to gain confidence and to feel more fulfilled in life. Through her help and guidance I have changed my perspective on life.”

Louise Adsley, Digital Marketing Research Analyst

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